How To Order On Jio Mart Using Your WhatsApp number online

Do you know that you can order on Jiomart using your WhatsApp Messenger? If no, then this article will provide all the relevant information about “How To Order On Jiomart Using Your WhatsApp”.

You just have to read the full article and follow the stated instructions.

We all know how to use WhatsApp but did you know that by using it you can place orders on Jiomart.

As WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, and Facebook has bought 10% shares of Reliance Industries, so now these two companies are working on Jiomart together.

Facebook has approved to use WhatsApp in Jiomart Application.

So I thought about providing the detailed information on Jiomart WhatsApp Order Booking Service through the blog. So let’s get started.

Jiomart Whatsapp order booking service.

As you know that Facebook has purchased around 10% shares in Reliance Industries and in addition signed an agreement with Jiomart, according to which, Facebook will provide WhatsApp technology to Jiomart so that small Kirana stores and customers can be added with Jiomart in India.

Now WhatsApp users can easily place orders on Jiomart Platform in all areas.

How To Order On Jiomart Using WhatsApp.

Now you all must be thinking how to order on jio mart using WhatsApp. So I’ll tell you for the information, if you live in any part of India, you can place an order on Jio Mart using Whatsapp.

Step 1.  You have to save Jio Mart Number 8850008000 to your mobile and then send a ‘Hi’ to the saved number through WhatsApp.

Step 2.  This number is JioMart’s WhatsApp Business Account. This will send you a link which will be valid only for 30 minutes.How To Order On Jiomart From Whatsapp

Step 3.  Customers have to open the link and a dialogue box asking pin code will appear.

Write down your area pin code to check the availability of jiomart in your area.How To Order On Jiomart From Whatsapp

Step 4.  Now the full list of available items will be shown on the website.

Choose the items you need to add them to the cart.How To Order On Jiomart From Whatsapp

Step 5.  After selecting all the items needed, click on the cart logo on the right corner of your screen.How To Order On Jiomart From Whatsapp

Step 6.  After clicking on the cart button, a new window asking to sign up/sign-in will appear.

Add your number in the space given and an OTP will be sent on your mobile number.How To Order On Jiomart From Whatsapp

Step 7.  Now on the next screen, you have to create your jiomart account by adding your email, name, password, and OTP you received earlier.How To Order On Jiomart From Whatsapp

Step 8.  Now it’s time for you to check the final items in your cart.

Now click on proceed given on the right corner below.How To Order On Jiomart From Whatsapp

Step 9. Now add address details with name and phone number and save details.How To Order On Jiomart From Whatsapp

Step 10. Select the payment option through which you want to pay for the items.

Payment can be done online and through cash on delivery. Check availability according to the locality.How To Order On Jiomart From WhatsappHow To Order On Jiomart From Whatsapp

Step 11. Your order is now placed and you have to just sit back and relax and wait for your order to be delivered.

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