Jiomart Kirana store in Etah, customer care, offers & coupons

It is the e-commerce market place that connects sellers with buyers of products. Just like Amazon and Grofers.  JioMart will not have any warehouses but will allow local retailers and Kirana merchants to list their products on the portal and sell them to the customers.

How to place an order on jiomart WhatsApp number

Customers need to place orders on JioMart by 7 PM every day. For placing order on JioMart, one needs to simply follow these given steps:
Step 1: Add WhatsApp Number 8850008000 on your phone’s contact list
Step 2: Send ‘Hi’ message on this number through WhatsApp
Step 3: JioMart will now send a link to individual’s Whatsapp chat window. This link will be valid for 30 minutes.
Step 4: Click on the link sent by JioMart and you will be directed to a new page
Step 5: Fill your address and phone number
Step 6: JioMart will now show the catalogue of all items available on the online store
Step 7: Select the items and place your order
Step 8: Once the order is placed, it will be forwarded to local Kirana store along with customer’s details
Step 9: The customer will receive the name of Kirana Store to which order has been forwarded along with notifications related to the order placed
Step 10: Pay for the order to the Kirana store owner and pick up your order or ask for home delivery.

Availability of Jiomart WhatsApp number

To check  service send “Hi” on jiomart Whatsapp number- 8850008000 

Jio Mart Coupons, Offers & Promo Codes in Etah

The company is already rolling out pre-launch offers and discounts to create the customer base and inaugurate on a large scale.

jiomart coupons / offerscategory to avail
jiomart offer codeUpto 50% Off on diary and bakery products
jiomart promo codeUpto 66% off on all stample products
Jiomart discountUpto 51% Off on menswear
jiomart offersUpto 59% Off on womens wear
jiomart saleUpto 51% Off on boy wear
jiomart discount codeUpto 51% Off on girls wear
jiomart couponUpto 51% Off on snacks and branded food
jiomart priceFruits and vegetables at lowest price


Jiomart customer care number in Etah

Jiomart executives will be available from 8 am to 8 pm to handle your call and solve the problem or answer your questions that are related to jiomart.

Jiomart customer care                          022 61 220 220

Email support                               

How do you order online on jiomart website

You can now easily place an order on jiomart from your home. Jiomart website has launched and service nation over 200 cities.

To order groceries from JioMart website, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Head to any of browsers you use and type in
  • Once on, enter your PIN code to see if the website will deliver at your place
  • Now sign up for the convenience of shopping
  • Following this, you can select from various categories such as fruits and vegetables, dairy and bakery, staples, snacks and branded foods, beverages, personal care, home care, and baby care
  • All products are currently available at a discount of up to 50% and select products are offered at 5% less than the MRP
  • Once you have added the desired products to the cart, click on the cart icon (top right corner).
  • In the cart section, tap on ‘proceed’ and then enter delivery address details
  • Select the payment option (currently online prepaid orders are being accepted) and you are good to go

Availability in Etah- Pin code

Here is a list of Pincode where jiomart Website facility is available. check out the list.

List of etah Locations Pin Code

Abhaipura207241Uttar PradeshEtah
Achalpur207125Uttar PradeshEtah
Ahamdabad207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Ahemadpur Nagla dhanu207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Akbarpurkot207247Uttar PradeshEtah
Aliganj207247Uttar PradeshEtah
Alipur207250Uttar PradeshEtah
Alliyapur207244Uttar PradeshEtah
Amanpur207241Uttar PradeshEtah
Ambarpur Rejor207121Uttar PradeshEtah
Amirasa207245Uttar PradeshEtah
Amraulirattanpur207247Uttar PradeshEtah
Angadpur207121Uttar PradeshEtah
Angriya207247Uttar PradeshEtah
Arjunpur Nauabad207241Uttar PradeshEtah
Aruna Nagar207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Ashokpur207243Uttar PradeshEtah
Aun207246Uttar PradeshEtah
Aurangabad207243Uttar PradeshEtah
Awagarh207301Uttar PradeshEtah
Babsa207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Badhawali207302Uttar PradeshEtah
Badria207123Uttar PradeshEtah
Bahadurpur207401Uttar PradeshEtah
Bahdola207243Uttar PradeshEtah
Bahora207243Uttar PradeshEtah
Bahrojpur207242Uttar PradeshEtah
Ballia207243Uttar PradeshEtah
Banthal Kutukpur207125Uttar PradeshEtah
Barabhodela207301Uttar PradeshEtah
Barahdwari207123Uttar PradeshEtah
Barahpur207249Uttar PradeshEtah
Barai207120Uttar PradeshEtah
Baraikalyanpur207301Uttar PradeshEtah
Barauli207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Barigawan207120Uttar PradeshEtah
Barna207249Uttar PradeshEtah
Baroliya207248Uttar PradeshEtah
Bastarmau207242Uttar PradeshEtah
Basundhara207301Uttar PradeshEtah
Baznagar207402Uttar PradeshEtah
Begaur207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Behta207123Uttar PradeshEtah
Beri207401Uttar PradeshEtah
Berni207302Uttar PradeshEtah
Bhadwas207120Uttar PradeshEtah
Bhagipur207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Bhagwala207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Bhalol207249Uttar PradeshEtah
Bhargain207244Uttar PradeshEtah
Bhartoli207121Uttar PradeshEtah
Bhaupura207249Uttar PradeshEtah
Bhensrasi207246Uttar PradeshEtah
Bhondela207302Uttar PradeshEtah
Bhujpura207246Uttar PradeshEtah
Bijauri207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Bijora207244Uttar PradeshEtah
Bilram207124Uttar PradeshEtah
Bilsad207244Uttar PradeshEtah
Borakalan207301Uttar PradeshEtah
Brahm Sajiwan207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Burhenabad207125Uttar PradeshEtah
Chaprai Sikandarpur207121Uttar PradeshEtah
Chhachena207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Chhoti Nidhaoli207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Chirgawan207302Uttar PradeshEtah
Chirola207242Uttar PradeshEtah
Collectorate Compound207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Daheliya207249Uttar PradeshEtah
Daheliyapooth207247Uttar PradeshEtah
Dalshahpur207122Uttar PradeshEtah
Datai207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Datauli207248Uttar PradeshEtah
Datingara207247Uttar PradeshEtah
Devri Prahlad pur207123Uttar PradeshEtah
Dharoli207249Uttar PradeshEtah
Dhiramai207125Uttar PradeshEtah
Dholeswar207122Uttar PradeshEtah
Dholna207123Uttar PradeshEtah
Dhondhara207246Uttar PradeshEtah
Dhumri207248Uttar PradeshEtah
Etah207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Fagnaul207248Uttar PradeshEtah
Faroli207245Uttar PradeshEtah
Fatehpur207246Uttar PradeshEtah
Gahaitoo207122Uttar PradeshEtah
Gahi207247Uttar PradeshEtah
Gahrana207301Uttar PradeshEtah
Gandhi Market207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Ganehspur207302Uttar PradeshEtah
Ganga Garh207123Uttar PradeshEtah
Garhi207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Garia Sheelam207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Gariya Jagannath207244Uttar PradeshEtah
Garka207242Uttar PradeshEtah
Gaupura207402Uttar PradeshEtah
Ghansinghpur207246Uttar PradeshEtah
Girora207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Gobra207125Uttar PradeshEtah
Gorha207123Uttar PradeshEtah
Goyati207403Uttar PradeshEtah
Gudaun207302Uttar PradeshEtah
Gunjdundwara207242Uttar PradeshEtah
Harsena207124Uttar PradeshEtah
Hathodaban207243Uttar PradeshEtah
Hirondi207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Isauli207302Uttar PradeshEtah
Ishara Purbi207121Uttar PradeshEtah
Jagpura207243Uttar PradeshEtah
Jahangirpur207245Uttar PradeshEtah
Jainpura207302Uttar PradeshEtah
Jaithra207249Uttar PradeshEtah
Jakhera207124Uttar PradeshEtah
Jalalpur Santhal207248Uttar PradeshEtah
Jalesar207302Uttar PradeshEtah
Jalukhera207301Uttar PradeshEtah
Jamlapur207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Jamon207302Uttar PradeshEtah
Jarani Kalan207301Uttar PradeshEtah
Jasmai207248Uttar PradeshEtah
Jasrathpur207247Uttar PradeshEtah
Jeskhpur207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Jhinwar207122Uttar PradeshEtah
Jiroliya207249Uttar PradeshEtah
Jirsimi207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Jitauli207120Uttar PradeshEtah
Jogamai Kalan207120Uttar PradeshEtah
Junedpur207247Uttar PradeshEtah
Kachhela207245Uttar PradeshEtah
Kadarganj207242Uttar PradeshEtah
Kadarwadi207403Uttar PradeshEtah
Kagrool207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Kaila207247Uttar PradeshEtah
Kakora207247Uttar PradeshEtah
Kakrawali207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Kalua Teel pur207250Uttar PradeshEtah
Kamalpur207246Uttar PradeshEtah
Kanar Kheraa207401Uttar PradeshEtah
Kansuri207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Kantore207401Uttar PradeshEtah
Karampur207242Uttar PradeshEtah
Karsana207241Uttar PradeshEtah
Kartala207126Uttar PradeshEtah
Kasela207248Uttar PradeshEtah
Kasganj207123Uttar PradeshEtah
Kasganj Rs207123Uttar PradeshEtah
Kashon207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Kawar207121Uttar PradeshEtah
Kayampur Baheria207123Uttar PradeshEtah
Khaddua207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Khaduya207243Uttar PradeshEtah
Khairpur207403Uttar PradeshEtah
Kharsulia207250Uttar PradeshEtah
Khatout207301Uttar PradeshEtah
Khiriya Patti207246Uttar PradeshEtah
Khirya Nagar shah207249Uttar PradeshEtah
Khojpur207245Uttar PradeshEtah
Kinawa207123Uttar PradeshEtah
Kisarauli207124Uttar PradeshEtah
Kudhar207124Uttar PradeshEtah
Kumraua207124Uttar PradeshEtah
Kutukpur Kaseri207401Uttar PradeshEtah
Lalgarhi207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Lodhamai207125Uttar PradeshEtah
Lothra207121Uttar PradeshEtah
Loya Badshapur207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Luhari Kherra207244Uttar PradeshEtah
Magrauli207122Uttar PradeshEtah
Magthara207246Uttar PradeshEtah
Mahawar207124Uttar PradeshEtah
Mahdva207123Uttar PradeshEtah
Mahua Khaira207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Majhola207244Uttar PradeshEtah
Maksud Pur207302Uttar PradeshEtah
Malikpur207403Uttar PradeshEtah
Malwan207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Manora207122Uttar PradeshEtah
Marehara207401Uttar PradeshEtah
Margayan207122Uttar PradeshEtah
Marthara Bhagwandas207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Mehmood Pur pukhata207403Uttar PradeshEtah
Mehni Sora207401Uttar PradeshEtah
Meidupura207249Uttar PradeshEtah
Midhola Bujurg207242Uttar PradeshEtah
Mihari207123Uttar PradeshEtah
Milawali207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Mirehachi207125Uttar PradeshEtah
Misauli207302Uttar PradeshEtah
Mitraul207122Uttar PradeshEtah
Mohammadnagar Bajhera207247Uttar PradeshEtah
Mohani Mamoorganj207401Uttar PradeshEtah
Mohanpur207242Uttar PradeshEtah
Mohanpura207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Mokampur207244Uttar PradeshEtah
Mubarik Pur mafi207124Uttar PradeshEtah
Muiddinpur207120Uttar PradeshEtah
Myasur207245Uttar PradeshEtah
Myau207243Uttar PradeshEtah
Nadarmai207241Uttar PradeshEtah
Nadrai207123Uttar PradeshEtah
Nadrala207247Uttar PradeshEtah
Nagla Anni207302Uttar PradeshEtah
Nagla Bhimsen207242Uttar PradeshEtah
Nagla Gajpat207247Uttar PradeshEtah
Nagla Galu207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Nagla Katila207123Uttar PradeshEtah
Nagla Khilli207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Nagla Leeladhar207249Uttar PradeshEtah
Nagla Pawal207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Nagla Pohpi207244Uttar PradeshEtah
Nameni207124Uttar PradeshEtah
Nandpur Bailamay207121Uttar PradeshEtah
Narau207302Uttar PradeshEtah
Nardoli207243Uttar PradeshEtah
Narthar207243Uttar PradeshEtah
Narura207301Uttar PradeshEtah
Naugaon207246Uttar PradeshEtah
Naukhera207302Uttar PradeshEtah
Nawab Ganj207123Uttar PradeshEtah
Naya bans207125Uttar PradeshEtah
Neem Khera207302Uttar PradeshEtah
Neoli207402Uttar PradeshEtah
Neorai207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Nidholi Kalan207122Uttar PradeshEtah
Nigoh Hasanpur207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Pachgain207124Uttar PradeshEtah
Pamas207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Pardanapur207247Uttar PradeshEtah
Parson207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Partappur207241Uttar PradeshEtah
Pathreki207123Uttar PradeshEtah
Patiali207243Uttar PradeshEtah
Patiali Gate207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Peepal Khairia207121Uttar PradeshEtah
Phaphoto207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Pidora207401Uttar PradeshEtah
Pilkhatra207302Uttar PradeshEtah
Pilkhuni207246Uttar PradeshEtah
Pilua207120Uttar PradeshEtah
Pinjari207249Uttar PradeshEtah
Pipehra207301Uttar PradeshEtah
Pithanpur207246Uttar PradeshEtah
Piwari207401Uttar PradeshEtah
Pondari207301Uttar PradeshEtah
Punhera207302Uttar PradeshEtah
Puraon207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Raja Ka rampur207244Uttar PradeshEtah
Raja Rijola207243Uttar PradeshEtah
Rajepur Kurra207243Uttar PradeshEtah
Rajmal207302Uttar PradeshEtah
Rajpur207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Rajwali207302Uttar PradeshEtah
Rarpatti207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Rejua207302Uttar PradeshEtah
Rekhpur207123Uttar PradeshEtah
Rijor207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Rohina Mirjapur207301Uttar PradeshEtah
Roshan Nagar207402Uttar PradeshEtah
Rupdhani207248Uttar PradeshEtah
Rustamgarh207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Sahadat Nagar207249Uttar PradeshEtah
Sahawar207245Uttar PradeshEtah
Sahori207243Uttar PradeshEtah
Saina Kalan207121Uttar PradeshEtah
Sakeet207121Uttar PradeshEtah
Salai207123Uttar PradeshEtah
Salempur Bebe207403Uttar PradeshEtah
Salempur Pironda207401Uttar PradeshEtah
Samaspur207242Uttar PradeshEtah
Samaspur Dengri207241Uttar PradeshEtah
Sanauri Khas207243Uttar PradeshEtah
Sarai Aghat207250Uttar PradeshEtah
Sarai Neem207302Uttar PradeshEtah
Sarauth207247Uttar PradeshEtah
Sarawal207248Uttar PradeshEtah
Sarnau207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Sarsai Narau207241Uttar PradeshEtah
Sarutiya207247Uttar PradeshEtah
Sarvodaya Ashram207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Shahnagar Timarua207302Uttar PradeshEtah
Shahpur Tehla207244Uttar PradeshEtah
Shakrauli207302Uttar PradeshEtah
Sheetal Pur207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Sheorai207125Uttar PradeshEtah
Shikhpura207248Uttar PradeshEtah
Sikehara207242Uttar PradeshEtah
Simrau207302Uttar PradeshEtah
Singpur207242Uttar PradeshEtah
Sirawali207403Uttar PradeshEtah
Sirhpura207246Uttar PradeshEtah
Sirsa Tippu207125Uttar PradeshEtah
Songra207120Uttar PradeshEtah
Sonhar207001Uttar PradeshEtah
Soron207403Uttar PradeshEtah
Suhagpur207249Uttar PradeshEtah
Sujrai207241Uttar PradeshEtah
Sultanpur207246Uttar PradeshEtah
Sunngarhi207242Uttar PradeshEtah
Takhawan207302Uttar PradeshEtah
Targawan207249Uttar PradeshEtah
Thana Darioganj207243Uttar PradeshEtah
Tharachithara207241Uttar PradeshEtah
Tikathar207301Uttar PradeshEtah
Tilsai207123Uttar PradeshEtah
Tirlokpur207401Uttar PradeshEtah
Ubhai Asadnagar207247Uttar PradeshEtah
Udaipura207248Uttar PradeshEtah
Ummargarh207302Uttar PradeshEtah
Virahampuri207403Uttar PradeshEtah
Wazirpur207123Uttar PradeshEtah
Yakootganj207245Uttar PradeshEtah

Jiomart offers and benefits in Etah

There are lots of new features and benefits which JioMart brings with it. The company has kept everything in mind which a customer wants while buying groceries online.
Unlike other online grocery delivery platforms, you can order any amount of products with no minimum value.
Also, if you get a defective product, then you can return the products to your retailer without any problem.
You will get 5% minimum off on MRP and more on personal brands as promised by jiomart.

Other benefits are:

  • 50,000+ Grocery Products
  • Free home delivery
  • No Minimum order value
  • 3,000 Savings
  • No Question asked return policy
  • Express delivery
  • Buy online or Offline
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