3 High-Yield Bank Stocks to Earn Passive Income

Investors have been fleeing the market this year, with fears over high inflation and a severe recession leading to intense selling pressure. 

But it's also in these kinds of environments where you can see just how great high yield dividends stocks are

because they offer reliable passive income no matter what happens The above passage includes many points but could be reduced by removing unneeded information

Bank of N.T Butterfield & Son is one those stocks that tends to fly under the radar unless you're interested in dividends or a dedicated bank investor who knows this industry well

1. The Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son

but it's worth considering when looking at investments long-term because they offer such high returns on equity (more than 16%) and due their stability

as an established company with over $2 billion dollars' annual revenue The Bank Of North Texas offers many benefits including lucrative interest rates plus ample capital resources

The multifamily lender New York Community Bancorp has not been the greatest stock to own recently, but at least they've got a new CEO who's set out on an ambitious mission.

2. New York Community Bancorp

Thomas Cangemi is taking over from outgoing leader Michael Zuccarelli and his plan? He wants to adopt more of a traditional commercial banking model! So far things are looking good-the bank announced plans earlier this year 

its $1 billion acquisition of Flagstar Bancorporation which should make meaningful progress towards transitioning away from relying solely upon high cost funding

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (NYSE: CM) is a large bank based in Toronto with nearly $700 billion of assets. The financial services provider runs an impressive personal and business banking division as well

3. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

it's their commercial segment that stands out most - they have over 30% market share! That kind dominance means there are plenty opportunities for growth 

if you're looking at investing your money wisely; CanadianImperialBank has already shown us how well-prepared this organization really can be during times where others struggled greatly due to the recent recession