4 painless personal finance apps for people

For some, budgeting apps are a breath of fresh air

 They enjoy the hands-off help and ease that these tools provide them with their finances 

1. Digit: Always know what's available to spend

Digit has been around for a few years now, and it's expanded into banking as well! 

The app uses artificial intelligence to find small amounts of money in your account without you knowing

2. Prism: Never forget your bills

Digit is a company that makes it easier for people to save money

 They do this by using AI and banking technology in order find small amounts of cash sitting around your account

3. Acorns: Invest with spare change

The micro-investing apps in general are appealing to anyone who doesn't have tons of money

 But most often than not, they waste your time and energy by requiring or allowing you choose individual stocks

4. Varo: Build credit without risk

Varo is a bank without the stress of managing credit card debt or risking mounting debts

The online neobank offers high-yield savings, almost no fees and low cost overdraft protection for those who need it most

The idea behind a lot of money management apps is that you have to actively make and maintain your budget in order for it be effective