5 books and podcasts that help to build wealth

 Reading about how other individuals have made their way through tough times and into the future can teach you a lot!

A book has always been my favorite way of learning new things- from history or science--and this time around

1.  'Your Money or Your Life' by Vicki Robin

 is a nine-step guide to changing your mindset and habits around time

 In the book, she encourages readers consider their most precious resource: not money but life energy which can't be given away for free all day long 

2. 'The Simple Path to Wealth' by JL Collins

he wrote this for his daughter, who he knew would make the same mistakes that he had made with money

The book encourages readers to spend less than they earn and invest in order avoid debt at all costs

3. 'Broke Millennial Takes on Investing' by Erin Lowry

The Sunem has a Master's degree in finance, but she acknowledges that financial terms are confusing and difficult

to understand even for someone with her education. Says theenergized woman: "Lowry makes it easy!"

4. 'Journey to Launch' by Jamila Souffrant

a New York Times best-selling author and financial guru from the podcast "Journey to Launch"

shares her journey of self discovery with guests on this show. She has been able achieve success in spite being financially imperfect at first 

5. 'Yo Quiero Dinero' by Jannese Torres-Rodriguez

But what many people don't know about this diamonds jewellery designer is that she also invites other voices from around her to share their stories

I started listening when my journey towards financial independence got tough - through infectious energy alone Janessor motivated me more than ever before with every episode since then