5 Unique Side Hustles You Probably Don't Know

Side hustles are a great way to make some extra money. 

You might be surprised by all the different ways you can go about getting your own side-hustle going, and there's no better time than now!

1. Get paid to test websites

You can make some extra cash by helping improve your favorite websites

User testing is a platform where companies pay everyday internet users to offer feedback on their sites. You'll get paid $10 per 15 minutes of work

2. Help others with their laundry

You can get paid to help others tackle their mountain of clothes needing cleaning

You'll pick up the laundry, wash and dry it for them; then fold your new found friend (or enemies) away!

3. Review legal cases online

OnlineVerdict offers an opportunity as a juror for those who would like the flexibility 

As one way to be disqualified from serving on panels, Online Verdict provides that you are compensated monetarily through payments made by clients

4. Let strangers use your pool for a price

Many people wish they had one but don't want the hassle of maintaining it or paying for upkeep

Swimply is an app where users can find event hosts who are looking to rent their unused pools hourly soirees and parties on any given weekday afternoon 

5. Assemble furniture (or get paid to complete other tasks)

TaskRabbit is a platform that connects you with potential project opportunities

 It has been especially popular for furniture assembly, but there are many other types of tasks available on the app including TV mounting and landscaping work to name just few!