Afzal Bhowmik threatened to kill Mukesh Ambani, family

The jeweller who threatened to kill the family of industrialist Mukesh Ambani has been identified as Vishnu Bhowmik, a resident from South Mumbai.

The jeweller from South Mumbai who called the hospital and threatened to kill Mukesh Ambani's family used a false identity.

He made phonecalls pretending he was Afzal while calling eight times in total

The 56-year old Bhowmik, who worked at Reliance Foundation's Harskisandas Hospital as a cleaner

also used to be named Dhirubhai Ambani was booked for threatening behaviour after he made several threats on Monday morning around 10:30 am.

Last year in February, a sports utility vehicle (SUV) laden with explosives was found near Ambani's residence 'Antilia'.

Later onwards some people including police officials were arrested.

The suspect had threatened Mukesh Ambani and abused him before escaping from justice by threatening to kill him if he didn't do as told.