samsumg galaxy Z fold 4 review

We all love to save space in our pockets when we can, but it's difficult giving up the big screens

That is why consumers have been so attracted towards flip phones- they're more compact than other device forms like Compact Disc players or even digital cameras!

The latest Qualcomm flagship, Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 — the same as Flipfold's rear-facing camera system. Samsung continues to excel with their triple Camera array 

 but trades out one 12MP sensor for 50mbrosone playoff zoom which makes all kinds of difference in terms or not degrading image when pushing tighter

The battery, meanwhile is a chunky 4500mAh one. This should get you through the day no problem even with heavy use of videos and so on but anything more than what's recommended

when they've got plenty going on outside sources that require attention! As before though we have IPX8 waterproofing which means our review sample was able withstand being submerged up till about 1 meter deep

without any damage occurring because again thanks largely due this design feature combined

The Fold is a triumph for small screen multi-tasking, but most users would be better off with the Flip.

Samsung has had a few generations to work with and they seem content on sticking with what works.

The Galaxy Fold is an excellent device for those who like using their phones during dinner or while watching TV, but most people don't need this feature

other options out currently available such as the Flip series from HP which can be purchased at around $200 cheaper without any sacrifice in performance