Bitcoin Hovers Around $20,000 as Hawkish Fed Weighs on Crypto

Bitcoin traded in a tight range around $20,000 with investors being more cautious

after Jerome Powell said the Federal Reserve would continue raising rates.

After Jerome Powell repeated the Federal Reserve’s commitment to keep raising rates

 Bitcoin traded in a narrow band around $20K. Investors are now less willing for big risks after their words

 raised doubts about future economic policies The Bitcoin market has been fluctuating due recent events that have taken place 

with both good and bad news coming out of America's premier bank The Fed Chairman

 who made these statements is known as JEREMY POWELL so let us see what happens when we put him under pressure

Bitcoin has fallen some 17% since Aug. 15, but it isn't all bad news for cryptocurrency enthusiasts

The $20k level acted as support when Bitcoin hit lows in recent months and even crossed above 2500 earlier this year

 before Saturday's rate hike fears intensified causing prices to drop again on Monday morning