California is poised to phase out sales of new gas-powered cars

The Golden State is taking a leap into the future with their new bill that will make all cars sold 

This law sets out an ambitious goal for America as well

one we can't afford to ignore-- transitioning our car industry away from fossil fuels

towards cleaner alternatives like renewable energy!

The plan allows people to continue driving gas-fueled vehicles and purchasing used ones after 2035

but with one fifth of sales going towards plug in hybrids that can run on batteries or gasoline.

The switch from gas to electric cars will drastically reduce emissions and air pollutants

 The transition may be painful in parts of the state that are still dominated by oil; California remains a major producer,

The changeover away from fossil fuels could save lives by eliminating dangerous chemicals like benzene

which can cause respiratory problems or cancer - not only does this impact humans but animals