Chrishell Stause Slams "Fake" Selling Sunset Co-Star

"Of course you have a huge issue with me now," said Chrishell Stause, confirming that there is tension on set

She went onto explain how it all started after their latest scene was shot and then uploaded for fan viewing last week."

The drama behind the scenes of Selling Sunset doesn't seem to be dying down

 In a series messages shared via Instagram Stories Aug 31

real estate agent Chrishell Tanzy bikini revealed that one her co-stars needs

"more attention" and are in need for some 'care.'

Chrishell isn't holding back on the drama currently brewing behind-the scenes

When asked about her thoughts on Todd and Sami's recent drama, Victoria referred to them as "two Grade A celebrities.

She continued by highlighting how they tried using other people in order get ahead of their competition (namely Giggy)

The Days Of Our Lives star added that these types actions are what one would expect from someone with less integrity or intelligence than herself

although she did apologize if this came across incorrectly!

In response—as well as an effort at reconciliation between two controversial parties