Costco Wholesale stock is the next stock split in market

The $64,000 question is now answered. The next company to split its shares will be Costco Wholesale

and the reason why they are perfect for this decision has nothing do with their business practices

or how many people rely on them but instead comes down antonymously from one word in French: "coopérative." A warehouse club like no other!

It seems that Costco has been explored as an option for retail investors

The company is the 87th most-held stock on Robinhood, which caters mostly to people with smaller balances

ho want convenience in investing their money rather than dealing directly with brokers and financial advisors

however this might change soon since they are considering distributing shares internally so more people can buy into it at once!

The majority of Costco's daily trading volume has tapered off as its share price ascended to the heavens

Whereas they used to average around 4-8 million shares per day during much if not all 2000s

now it is closer between 1 -2+ Million due in part from a nominal haircut that could reignite interest among everyday investors