Crypto Lender Celsius' Collapse Into Bankruptcy Should Be Probed, US Says

Americans seem to love their rewards credit cards. After all, 87% of all U.S citizens have at least one piece plastic that enables them earn travel and cash back

A recent study shows how important it is not only having this type if specialty purchasing power but also knowing what you're going do with it once received--only 17 percent were confident in using their favorite store's reward program

while another 13 % planned exclusively around traditional methods such as discounts from advertisers who advertise primarily online now days

It doesn't take a rewards expert to see that you're probably wasting money if your card has more than 100 points.

The Lending Tree study found 70% of all US credit cardholders have unused cash back, miles or points!

As an example: 49 percent are still holding onto their airline tickets while 13-percentashed them in favor on fuel transactions with this particular lender (they don’t offer either)

Some interesting findings from the study include that while Gen Z consumers are more likely than other generations to redeem their credit card rewards frequently

baby boomers have been doing so recently as well. 17% of people in this age group pocket money every month

 often with an average spend amounting around $500 per month which is on par with what you will find among millennials (17%)

 and significantly lower for those between ages 35-44 who only account for 12%. In addition

Why would a credit card consumer go through the trouble of getting a rewards/cashback card, and not use the benefits accrued?