Delhi Covid Spike Raises Hospitalisations

The capital of India has seen an increase in coronavirus cases and authorities are warning people to wear masks

 They also advise observing COVID-19 precautions when around those who may have been exposed or infected, for fear that it could spread even more rapidly throughout this crowded city!

The Director General of Health Services has assured that there is no need to panic following the recent rise in cases and hospitalizations duelifting COVID 19 infection rates.

A member from The Lancet Commission on Tuesday said they're pleased with Delhi's recovery rate

but noted an increase among patients who were admitted into ICUs or ventilation units as well as death tolls climbing higher than expected 

The government has taken measures to tighten the Ring Road around Connaught Place following record-high levels of infection

These include mandatory lockdowns for all vehicles entering or leaving through rigorously monitored checkpoints and restricted parking areas

India has lost a leader who helped shape it into an independent nation. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, former Prime Minister and president of India died on 16th August 2018 at age 93

 key infrastructure sites like train stations during waves when there are higher than average cases per 1000 population due COVID -19 virus infections .

On Friday, Delhi saw 10 deaths, the highest in six months, and 2,136 cases with a positivity rate of 15.02 per cent.