Dubai Crown Prince takes the London tube

When the Crown Prince of Dubai was travelling on the London Underground, one would expect him to be clicked by countless people. He wasn't—and surprisingly so too!

The Crown Prince has 14.5 million followers on Instagram and he just shared an update from his London tour with the photo 

photo that showed Sheikh Hamdan standing in a Tube compartment next to one of their friends!

The caption read, "We've got a long way ahead us but Badr is already bored."

Prince William and his family were in London for the day when they ran into Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid al Maktoum of Dubai.

The Crown Prince shared an Instagram photo with their 14+ million followers on social media that showed him standing next to this popular sheikh who has over 50 thousand people following him

he Crown Prince is on a London tour with his family and has 14.5 million followers! In this photo he shared, you can see the Sheikh Hamdan standing in an Tube compartmen

next to one of their friends from back home (the guy who's always been there for them). The caption reads: "We've got quite enough time yet Badr isn't even bored."