Euro at Two-Decade Low Just Start of Drop

investors shied away from riskier assets amid fears that interest-rate hikes in the United States and Europe would weaken global economy.

The U S dollar rose across board on Monday, driving up against European currencies

like EURO which has been on an upward trend lately because investors were not eager to take any chances following several economic storms

recently hitting our world especially with Greece going bust again!

The fear that interest rate hikes in America and Europe will hurt economic growth caused markets worldwide to vacillate between gains and losses throughout day

The United States' currency rose across all grades, reaching its highest level since December 2014

The euro fell following Russia's announcement late on Friday of a three-day halt to European gas supplies via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline at its end this month

Investors worry that, if left unchecked for too long--and with winter rapidly approaching in Europe—the crisis could become even more reminiscent than ever before

The weakness briefly drove the euro below $1 for the first time since July 14. The euro was last down 1.1% at $0.99345