European markets mixed as investors monitor oil prices

The Euro Stock 600 was flat in morning deals with oil and gas stocks pushing the benchmark higher

Benchmark gas prices in Europe skyrocketed 13% overnight, as damage to a key pipeline system running near-daily supplies of Kazakhstani crude

Elevated tensions between East & West following recent events internationally The pan-european equity index closed at its highest level since late 2014

today after closing yesterday up almost 5%.

The main reason behind this performance? A 7200 km long pipe exploded due out contain natural Gas

The European Union was dealt a major blow after Russia announced that it will stop gas supplies to Europe for three days at the end of this month 

The euro dropped back below parity with the dollar and traders were noting how long ago these events took place - just 20 years ago!

This week, investors are focusing on the economic symposium hosted by The Federal Reserve in Jackson Hole Wyoming

 Chairman Jerome Powell will deliver a speech Friday addressing how they plan to tame inflation within our economy and provide more clarity for investors