Feist exits Arcade Fire tour over sexual misconduct allegations

Feist, the singer of Arcade Fire's We Tour has left following multiple allegations against their lead songwriter Win Butler.

 In an open letter published on her website today (June 28), she announced that it is time for them to move onto different projects while acknowledging how hard this transition will be.

Feels like there are so many reasons I should say thank you but at least partly because these albums changed my life

hey made me feel something which isn't always easy as a woman in music industry who strives daily for excellence

The open letter published on her website Thursday by Feist, the lead singer of Arcade Fire's

We tour following multiple allegations against Win Butler

She announced that she will be leaving in light these events and cannot continue performing with them any longer."

ast month, Butler denied all allegations of sexual misconduct. In a piece published by Pitchfork Saturday three women and person

who uses they/them pronouns accused the singer-songwriter for engaging in inappropriate interactions with them 

also there's been some concern over how much power each party had during these meetings because it can vary depending on context .