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Look at all these questions about Powerball! You might be wondering what it is, or how to play

 Luckily for you I'm here with a guide that will teach everything there's ever wanted know on this topic 

from where can I find winning numbers and tips & tricks of course...but also important information like odds of winning etcetera so stick around because we're going straight

The Powerball is a multi-state lottery in America. It runs almost everywhere except for five US states and territories like D.C., Puerto Rico or Virgin Islands In 44 out 49 counties

The Florida Lottery is always looking for ways to make their website more entertaining. They recently started broadcasting the Powerball drawings live on television, and now you can watch them 

The jackpot is a huge incentive for players to keep coming back. If they're not successful in matching all six numbers during one drawing, there's always another chance at winning some money

The cost of a single Powerball ticket is $3. For an additional dollar, you can add the possibility to increase your prize if correctly guessing one-five numbers on basic cards - so it's definitely worth checking out!

If you're feeling lucky, purchase the PowerPlay option and could win up to 10 times your bet!

The value of any prize won for matching fewer than five balls will be multiplied by a randomly-drawn number between two and five.

. If there's no jackpot at stake but just some fun on offer - like hitting big with $150 million worth prizes--then we'll add in an extra boost too make things really exciting