first time, monkeypox has been reported in a minor in New York state

Monkeypox is a rare but serious virus that can be contracted by infected animals such as monkeys, addaxes or rabbits

The first case of the disease among children in New York state has reportedly been diagnosed and it's unclear how many others may have been exposed

 without knowing they were carrying this dangerous pathogen

It’s also reported there are three other instances where kids across America caught custody infections

 from these particular typesed animal hosts –- precedent setting indeed!

The data released by the New York State Health Department last week revealed that there are many children living in this state without being bitten by mosquitoes

The information does not include any gender or identifying details about them, only their location

which could be either city-based (e.g., Manhattan) outside of NYC itself; county seat within Empire City 

aka ' bailout burbs' type places where people from wealthy suburbs pay rent on homes so cheap because they're fed up paying taxes too