Google AI Chatbot Now Open To Public

Google has opened up its controversial AI chatbot for public use and you can now register to talk with the bot that is trained on Google’s language model

The company warns early previews of this LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) may display inaccurate or inappropriate content

Google has announced that they are opening up a new AI test kitchen where people can give feedback

We want to learn, improve and innovate responsibly together with you- our users

The app "AI Test Kitchen" will allow those interested parties access gradually over time as well

The Google AI team has made substantial improvements in safety and accuracy of LaMDA

However, they are still at the beginning for this journey as multiple layers were added to protect

against possible risks from harmful intent or malicious use by an unexpected party 

which could lead them down a path towards automation based decisions without enough insight into what will happen if those triggers are pulled."