‘He F*cked up With the Misogynist Stuff’: Joe Rogan Explains

When former kickboxer Andrew Tate announced his retirement from the sport,

 he became an Internet sensation

 His YouTube and social media ban has now become one of most talked about subjects

online following those remarks that were deemed misogynist

 by many people who follow him closely or at least know what's happening in this industry

Even popular podcaster Joe Rogan accomplishments haven't gone unnoticed

over their controversy--in fact they're just another thing for others to Controversialize!

Rogan mentioned that if you concentrate entirely on your feelings, it will never lead to anything

The UFC commentator further explained how Tate's lack of self-confidence was due in part 

 from not telling others what they want or need help with instead choosing 

just talking about himself all the time which eventually led him down this dark path where he feels nothing but regret every day