House of the Dragon' series premiere, the blood of the dragon runs thick

The graphic scene of the birth in House of The Dragon caused quite a visceral response even at its premiere

Showrunner Ryan J Condal noticed people getting up and leaving during this part

 specifically when it comes time for his coronation as well (which we see later).

 like weapons or cars that may come in handy during battle with other enemies

Martin's description of Queen Aemma giving birth in 'The House of the Dragon' is even more tragic than it was in 2018. She died while giving birth to Baelon

who only lived because he inherited some Targaryen blood through Viserys' line

but then lost his mother at such a young age! The king and court were left heartbroken after this loss."

King Viserys is desperate to have a male heir so that the line of succession will remain in his family.

When baby Drogo dies during birth with him as well, it creates an empty slot where only he can fill by having sex again - even if this means marrying another woman!

This passage talks about how King Wisdom needs "a new wife" because 'the old one died'.

but then we find out what happened: It wasn't really her at all but just some standby poison spy who crept into their bedroom