How much money do you need to be truly financially free

Financial freedom is a term that's often tossed around but doesn't necessarily mean what you think it means

True financial stability comes when an individual has enough money to take care of their expenses for life

The real meaning behind having 'enough' though can be found at its core – which boils down simply into three components:  1) income  2), spending power  3). investing

If you're looking to achieve financial freedom today, it's important that your annual expenses (not income) are about Rs 10 lakh

Using 30-40x norms for this amount will set up a Corpus sufficient enough in order gain independence from employment and live comfortably without working another day of one’s life!

 Your annual expenses total Rs 6 lakhs which means that in 20 years of saving every year (or four decades), enough money will have been saved up from your lifestyle changes

including decreased spending on unnecessary items like alcohol or drugs while increasing investing into stocks mutual funds retirement plans etcetera!

Imagine being a 30-year old with two small children, who wants to become financially free by age 50

Your annual expenses are Rs 6 Lakh and you expect live until 85 years old - that is your equation for savings!

You need to save separately for your children’s future (education and marriage)

It’s also a good idea to have a buffer for unexpected and unplanned expenses