India's Reliance launches first in-house premium fashion store

Reliance group retail brand launched it first in house premium fashion brand named Azorte on thursday

As mukesh ambani is trying to capture every luxury market segment in India to build their own eco system

the new sore chain first store is launched in Bangaluru and is going to make its own market now

Azorte is going to compete with Mango and Industria Textil SA owned ZARA also

Mid premium fashion segment is one of the fastest growing consumer segment among Gen Z genertion in India

this launch is a part of  reliance collaboration with other domestic and global brands earlier this year

the company is going to build around 50-60 grocery and personal care brands in India

and this is going to be done with the help of acquiring 20% stake in Sephora brand in Inida.

And this whole segment of luxury and life style line will be lead by Ambani's daughter Isha Ambani