Instagram's next feature might be a copy of BeReal

Instagram is currently testing out new features with the "Candid Challenges" internal prototype.

Instagram is testing out a new feature that bears an striking resemblance to BeReal, another photo sharing app popular among Gen Z

The currently unreleased function was spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi developer known for reverse engineering apps

finding early versions of upcoming updates; he claims it's been inside Instagram since last year but only recently made its way into public beta tests."

Instagram is testing a new feature that will give users the opportunity to take part in Candid Challenges.

Once they receive notifications from these types of posts, both front and rear facing cameras are open with two minutes given for you capture

Any content shared during this challenge appears inside Stories where it can be seen by all kinds or people online who follow them

BeReal is taking over as the most popular social media app among Gen Z-ers. It's been rising in popularity recently,

currently sits at number 1 on Apple’s App Store ahead of both Instagram (No 8)and Facebook(18)