James Webb telescope captures surreal images of Jupiter's auroras

With its wide-field cameras, the James Webb Space Telescope has captured an exquisite image of Jupiter's polar auroras

 The planet can be seen in near infrared light with both rings and moons visible for those who know what they're looking at!

This composite image of the sun was taken with NIRCam's wide-field view on July 27th

As you can see, it has an otherworldly quality to it due to Composite Of Several Images

Then Colors are mapped together in order for us humans out here watching Earth from afar (and even those who aren't) understand what our eyes would see if they were up close!

The Great Red Spot and other cloud formations appear white because they reflect large amounts sunlight--a stunning sight indeed

The crew of the James Webb Space Telescope has been hard at work creating powerful images that will not only provide insight into Jupiter's "inner life,

 but also help scientists understand how gas giants behave outside our solar system

These observations could soon prove useful for more than just Earth-based researchers!