Jio 5G service is launching next month

Firstly jio 5G service will be available in selected cities in the first week of october 

first cities will be Delhi, chennai, mumbai and Kolkata

and the good news is that the 5G service will be 10x faster and better than 4G technology

As it was already announced by Mukesh ambai that 5G service will be available in this diwali only

while in other cities it will be avaialbel by december in 2023

it is expected in next one year every corner of India will enjoy 5Gservice which will help in boosting countrys economy

So that this will make jio 5G network worlds largest network and most advanced of availalbe other networks

There is unique version of G launched by jio i.e.  Stnad alone 5G, which have no dependency in 4G

On your smarhpone in your settings page you will be able to see G option in preferred network column