Launch day arrives for NASA's Artemis I mission

Tune into CNN for live coverage of the Monday morning launch from Kennedy Space Center

Join space correspondents Kristin Fisher and Rachel Crane as they bring you moment by exciting report

with a team Expert opinions on what's happening up in orbit!

Space correspondents Kristin Fisher and Rachel Crane will bring you every moment of this historic event from Florida

join them as they cover all things related to space, including experts in their field who are waiting with bated breath at Cape Canaveral - we’ll see everyone soon enough

he capsule will orbit the Moon to see if a woman and person of color can walk on its surface for their first time in history

 At some point, Artemis may witness this groundbreaking event as well!

The launch of Apollo 11 was one step closer after a successful overnight filling of its fuel tanks

with more than three million liters in liquid hydrogen and oxygen. NASA says there's about 80% chance for acceptable weather 

 today during the 2 hour window before take off, which will be led by woman Charlie Blackwell- Thompson—the first ever female astronaut to do so!