Logitech's upcoming gaming handheld may have been revealed in a leak

Intel is holding a press event next week where it's expected to announce new products for gaming enthusiasts

So far, leaks suggest that Logitech will be releasing an updated version of its G27 Gaming Headset

with built-in mic and speakers as well as another device called "Gaming Console.

The information came from prolific leaker Evan Blass who recently featured both items

on his Twitter account along side other anticipated gear such PlayStation 5

There has been little detail released about these mysterious devices yet except they are rumoured

The UIs of both Switch and PS5 are very similar. They prominently show the Google Play Store

 followed by Xbox Cloud Gaming while also including Nvidia GeForce Now or Steam (Remote play)

The device has five navigation sections in its top left corner as well which include

Time/Bluetooth Wi-Fi Battery respectively for easy access at any point during gameplay