Marvel, Tomb Raider Games Drop as Low as $0.70

There's a surprise sale going on this weekend that extends to the PlayStation, Xbox and PC (via Steam) platforms

 If you've got an old game from any of these franchises or are just looking for something new then be sure not miss out

The deals includes many different titles like Marvel Avengers Game

 loosely based off your favorite comic book characters; Deus Ex series which features RPG elements 

in addition with action gameplay mechanics similar to those seen previously only throughly explored by Square Enix 

 Montreal games studio during their time developing thrilling adventures such as Tomb Raider franchise installment Rise Of The Godlike expansion pack

You can get classic Tomb Raider games like the ones from this year for less than $1

You might be thinking that isn't what people look forward too, but if you've never played any of these titles 

The collection includes Underworld and Angel Of Darkness which are both under a dollar each right now on sale at just about anytime

especially since it will only take two minutes of gameplay every day or so until all five have been completed