Mysterious Illness Affecting Dogs In Michigan Has Been Discovered

With dozens of dogs sufferin from a mysterious illness in Northern Michigan, experts have determined that it is parvovirus

This highly contagious and often fatal disease causes acute gastrointestinal illnesses which usually occurs among unvaccinated puppies or cats .

The recent outbreak of parvovirus in dogs has been affecting both young and old alike

So far, most victims have lacked complete vaccinations with some having bloody diarrhea or throwing up as well 

while others suffer from lack-of energy to even attend outing events like vet visits because they're too ill

To find out what pet parents need before bringing their pup into contact preventatively check out Dr Hilary Jones' insights on this topic

she suggests making sure your animal stays hydrated by ensuring plenty water bowls are available at all times along wth regular cleaning routines for shared spaces

The State Veterinarian for Michigan has announced that canine parvovirus is a severe and highly contagious disease in dogs

but veterinary professionals have extensive experience with this virus. The good news?

We now offer an effective vaccine to help protect your pup from becoming infected! If they aren't fully vaccinated against it then be especially careful