NASA Shares Eerie Black Hole Sounds

A recently released video by NASA lets the public hear what a black hole sounds like.

The Perseus galaxy cluster has an abundance of gas that allows researchers to capture its sound

and it was used for this latest research into understanding how much things change when they're inside one!

The sound waves that illustrate Perseus' journey through the galaxy are captured by scientists.

 These sounds can now be heard and seen in amazing detail thanks to an innovative new visualization 

from researchers who have analyzed this radar-like data set using Chandra copyrighted imagery

NASA recently took the opportunity to let everyone know that they are studying something very interesting

 They released this soundscape, which sounds like someone isMic droping into an abyss of darkness

but with some light shining on them from above because

it's just too deep for anyone else who might be listening 

or reading about these findings not feel inspired by what we've learned so far