NEET, JEE Exams to be merged

The Chairman of UGC has proposed that NEET and JEE Main exams be merged with the recently launched Common University Entrance Test or CUET

making it a single entrance examination for all engineering courses. He added there was no reason why students should appear in separate tests proving proficiency in same subjects at different levels

The higher education regulator is looking into the possibility of merging three national level examinations in order to reduce unfairness and provide more opportunities for students.

If this proposal goes through, then all Indian citizens will be able take up one examination instead four!

Kumar told TOI that he has always been against the idea of having multiple entrances for examinations since it leads to more complicated logistics. However, combining all disciplines into one single test

 make things easier on everyone-including candidates who need only takechelates in mathematics or physics insteadof chemistry as wellas NTA which carries out these tests across India every year!

Kumar also points out how this move could benefit students by giving them accessto better rankings dependingon what subjectthey wantto pursuemore closely matchestheir strengthsand weaknesses