Netflix Mulling $7 to $9 Monthly Price for Ad-Supported Tier

Netflix is thinking about charging $7 to 9 per month for its new ad-supported subscription tier

which would be around half the price of their most popular plan that goes at 15.5$.

Netflix is getting ready to introduce advertising for the first time and they want their shows not just be watched by people in your household

The company has reportedly decided that if it's going up against Alphabet Inc.'s (GOOGL) YouTube 

then its all-you-can watch model needs some help with marketing so as not turn away viewers who can't afford $11-$13 per month 

Netflix is planning to increase the price of their service by nearly 14%

The company has announced that they are increasing prices for new members and upgrading

Netflix claims this move was due in large part because "growing competition."

Netflix is rolling out a new ad-supportedtier in at least six markets during the last three months of this year,

 Plans could change though because it's still unknown when or if Netflix will launch their full tier with no ads attached for $13 per month!