New Destiny 2 leaks reveal upcoming Fortnite

They're actually incredibly cool looking skins, though it's unclear how they'll be incorporated into the Bungie game.

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especially since we're already high level characters like those found within Dino Ranch & American Football

The developers of Fortnite have united with those behind Destiny 2 to provide more content for fans in both games

Epic Games releases skins and grand events that disrupt the way we play these titles on an ongoing basis, creating a seamless experience across platforms

It's not clear how Destiny 2 players will be able to obtain these Fortnite skins, or when they're going live.

 But don't forget: the game is more than likely universal ornaments that can applied on any armor sets and customize your character

so there should plenty of opportunities for great looks in this new universe! Rumors also suggest another possibility; namely an entire set based off one familiar face