New research claims TikTok can track users’ keystrokes

The researcher found that every keystroke made by users of TikTok can be tracked within the web browser they are using

according to a new study. This information could allow hackers access into your personal life and private thoughts for years before you know it!

The research doesn't show how this might be used, but it does raise concerns about privacy issues

 with tracking software built into apps like these which cansometimestrack your activity without permission or understanding why they're collecting data

In a surprising move, U.S lawmakers have called for an investigation into TikTok - the popular app that has over 500 million monthly active users (MAUs).

The Senators on behalf of their committee requested this due to recent reports about how Chinese parent company Shenzhen Bama Ortig

had accessed data from some American citizens without consent or knowledge; including those who use it frequently like myself!

President Trump tried to sell TikTok's U.S operations in 2020, but no buyers were interested 

because it is a Chinese-made app that thrives on popularity and has low cost of production