Olivia Wilde dodges question about Florence Pugh's absence

Olivia Wilde was oozing with class as she ignored questions about why Florence

skipped the press conference for her new movie on Monday at Venice International Film Festival.

I'm not here to feed into this ongoing drama surrounding “Don't Worry Darling,

expertly skirting around a reporter's question while still giving enough information

so that his readers know what happened without being too vague or elaborate in detail!

Olivia Wilde doesn't want to get involved in the ongoing Florence Pugh drama surrounding her new movie,

When asked about why it seems like directorial debutant didn't show up at Monday's press conference

 instead sent a PR representative who only answered questions through email or phone calls

LaBeouf had scheduling conflicts, but his recent legal troubles are not. In December 2020

he was sued by FKA Twigs for physical and mental abuse

the case is ongoing with an April 2023 trial date set in accordance to their agreement