Reliance Industries: Daughter rises in Mukesh Ambani’s succession plan

Mukesh ambani clarifies in AGM he is going to divide business roles among his 3 children soon

Mukesh ambani's older twins, kash and and Isha ambani will hold Reliance industries ltd telecom and retail

And the youngest son Anant will handle new energy just launched in AGM

and this earlier eparation of holding will help in avoiding any dispute among childrens.

Still, mukesh Ambani holding position of chairman and managing director in Reliance.

Other big companies like tata, Raymond group and Singhania's every one face battles within family for business

He said Isha rise as an equal to her brothers there is no discremination in children.

Isha ambani plays a vital role in making Jio the most successful company in India in telecom field.

So, we are going to see big improvement in jio eco system.