SBI Utsav Deposit FD scheme to offer 6.1% interest rate

The State Bank of India (SBI) has introduced a new fixed deposit program called "Utsav Deposit." This deal offers 6% interest for 75 days, starting on August 15th 2022. 

The same rate is not available anywhere else and it's only accessible through this special term deposit!

The SBI Utsav fixed deposit scheme is an excellent opportunity for senior citizens to earn more interest on their money! The bank offers six month and one year terms with rates ranging from 2.90% up 5%.

For those who want even higher returns, there's also a special bonus offered by the Indian government: 0.50 percentage point extra will be added onto all accounts less than ten years long

not bad when you consider how much easier it becomes over time since most people need shorter term investments anyway

SBI, India's largest lender by value of assets registered as bank deposits at over ₹22 lakh crore ( US$3 trillion), has increased interests rates on several different types loans and bonds tenures.

The new rules will be effective from August 13 2022 according to their website!

A delightful offer made especially for our customers to celebrate 75 years of Azadi", according to a tweet from SBI. Get a better interest rate with the "Utsav" Deposit

Bank has also introduced specific tenor of "1000 days" at ROI of 6.10% w.e.f. 15-Aug-2022 for 75 days," states the SBI website