4 steps to get Student loan forgiveness applications

The U.S Department of Education has been working hard on a new application for student loan forgiveness which could be approved within the next few weeks

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1. Make sure you qualify based on income

The President of the United States has announced that federal student loan borrowers 

 up to $10k if you didn’t receive a Pell Grant which is available only to low-income undergraduate students and another $20 thousand dollars as long they make less than 125K per year. 

2. Ensure your loans qualify

The vast majority of student loan borrowers will be eligible

 for forgiveness based on their loan type, as it is under the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program that includes all types subsidized

3. Gather records

If you’ve been enrolled in an income-driven repayment plan

it is possible that the government has your information. This means all relevant records should be ready to attest and prove 

4. Stay up to date with the process

Students who have been Raptured by the Education Department can now sign up on its website

Borrowers should expect it take around eight weeks after we receive all necessary information from them until debt is discharged