TikToker Abbie Herbert Is Pregnant After Pregnancy Loss

After a devastating pregnancy loss, Abbie Herbert announced that she was pregnant again. This time with an exciting surprise for husband Josh!

The influencer, who has been pregnant three times in a row now announced that she's expecting again! 

This comes just one month after hinting at an important update on social media. 

With each pregnancy Abbie Herbert ventures closer and further from her traditional style of posting

it seems like there will always be something new coming up next for this dynamic vlogger-in between jobs

 jobs eas both mother to two children (and wife) alike TikTok videos can attest too

"I feel so blessed," said the expectant woman while showcasing before us how much weight

With each video she posts, people are waiting with bated breath to find out if this new news will mean more baby updates for them in the future!

When Abbie read her results, she was left joyfully speechless

Taking a moment to process the news and show viewers what had just happened in front of her