Twitter Announces Its Next Experiment: Podcasts

The company has been experimenting with product ideas in recent years, but the results have been mixed

 Fleets is an Instagram story-like feature that was rolled out and rescinded less than a year later

 Twitter Spaces debuted about 18 months ago as another way for users to connect live audiourally

through video chats similar too Clubhouse app which still exists today!

Twitter has announced plans to launch a podcasting app, giving it another way of connecting with its users

 Like other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram which also offer podcasts through their respective apps or online services 

 this will allow people who love listening while they go about daily life have access in one place where there were before separate applications for each platform

The company says that "the new feature is designed specifically" around sharing audio files but we should note here at least some similarities

between how these interact: You can upload your own tracks via WiFi transfer; share clips by linking accounts together

Twitter will most likely pursue some sort of advertising/revenue model to monetize the podcast feature on its site