Leon Edwards is the new UFC Welterweight champion, shocking everyone with a last-minute head kick finish over Kamaru Usman in tonight's main event.

With a head kick in the final round of fight he was handily losing, Leon Edwards knocked out Usman to win UFC welterweight title 

become new champion at 4:04 into fifth. It's been said that this makes him one of if not best pound-for -pound fighters on earth today

such power behind his shots comes great responsibility as well because now everyone

The history-making UFC welterweight title fight took place this past Saturday night in Albuquerque, New Mexico

With one final round of fighting and a huge underdog finish by Leon Edwards that shocked the MMA world alike at his courage to go into battle with Usman against all odds he knocked him out

within minutes after landing an unforgettable head kick just before 4 pmMST on July 28th 2017 which gave way for new champion!

He tried his best not only with defense against this left hook that put him on Full Guard for most part of two minutes while also trying bring some offense into fight

noting how close they are at 17 seconds after being clocked heavy during first exchange between fighters when it's already 10-8 towards hometown favorite Joe