United Airlines, Emirates set to announce codeshare agreement

reporread the invitation to "Come fly with us" and was excited when I saw it said Chief Executive Scott Kirby.

United's president, Tim Clark also confirmed his presence at this event on Twitter

The Air Current reported that United is expected to announce new flights.

 The airline did not offer additional comment, but an Emirates spokesperson confirmed

they will make a joint announcement on September 14th in Washington DC and declined further elaboration

The partnership between United Airlines and Emirates is set to continue growing, as the Gulf carrier has code-shares

These include every hub except Denver where they have an agreement

Aircraft leasing company Boeing operates two ni class 787 Dreamliners which were both delivered last year

one each from production lots 4007 & 4000 at their Pikeville factory near Seattle Washington

while anotherplane was built locally after winning bid against competitors aroundthe world