Warren Buffett gets permission to buy up to half of Occidental Petroleum

Warren Buffett is a man who knows how to make an investment succeed. He turned Occidental Petroleum Corp., into the sort of company he could love by helping it

dig its own hole-you can read all about that here! It turns out his ardor for these sorts things has even fiercer than we thought

now with Berkshire Hathaway Inc owning more than 15% shares in Oxy already, one filing published today by Federal Energy Regulatory Commission disclosed that

The stock of Oxy has been on a seesaw this past week. The company's logo even looks like it could come from Berkshire Hathaway, which is controlled by Buffet

known for his famous investing strategies that have made him one the wealthiest men in America! Friday saw an increase 10% thanks largely to these dreams being realized as well- timed purchases

helped push up prices nearly back where they were before Anadarko Petroleum Corp.'s bidding war started off with their ill advised bid against each other...allowing me (the investor) some profit too

The markets were not as responsive to Buffett's buying sprees in 2022, but Friday's more traditional sequence of a filing followed by popping restoring some harmony on that front at least

Buffett's stake in Oxy enables him to benefit from multiple angles. The preferred stocks, along with other lingering leverage from the Anadarko deal act as a brake on management’s ambition

the bare minimum for an equity story these days; they also pay healthy yields and by incentivizing buybacks provide kicker that goes into common equities owned by Buffet himself 

As aside it should be noted how rise of stock price has put warrants exercised last year into money too meaning company could borrow easier once