Will Smith Stays Close To Wife in public apprearence for a reason

Smith and Pinkett Smith made their first public appearance since the Oscars 2022 feud, walking out of an unknown studio

Will led while Jada followed behind with clothes clutched tightly between her hands following close after him like a trained dog."

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith looked happy to be out together for the first time since he slapped Chris Rock at this year's Academy Awards. They were photographed walking close

they donned casual outfits (and even some hats!) in front of cameras along with other people who wanted look but not too closely because it was private property!

Will flash a smile when his wife fell behind him holding onto something- possibly just pleased that she could keep up or maybe wondering what all these fusses are about?

They both looked at ease in their respective outfits, with Jada rocking a black button-down shirt tied around her waist and white pants while He wore short sleeves that showed off muscular arms.

When Will and Jada’s outing comes a few weeks after he made headlines for breaking his silence, speaking out about the slap which happened after Chris made an inappropriate joke on YouTube.

Will Smith's fans were eager to hear his side of the story after clashes with comedian Chris Rock. In an Instagram video, Will shared that he had been doing some thinking

 "I've reached out [to]Chris... but got no response." He then said sorry for what happened before ending on this note: “My behavior was unacceptable- Let me know when you're ready 2 talk so we can make things right again!"

Healing has been important because there's still too much hurt going around among those close enoughto care deeply; however we're doing our best not just ignore/treat lightly any kind of abuse