Wordle snags a place inside the New York Times Crossword app

Wordle is now available in The New York Times Crossword app for both iOS and Android users

Designed to be addictive, this guessing game joins the newspaper's three other variants

Spelling Bee; Anagrams (which creates words from scratch by rearranging letters);and more

Once you install it on your phone or tablet device of choice--ichever suits them best

active players can continue playing at home through their desktop browser as well

Wordle, the word guessing game that has been sweeping across social media for months now was acquired by The Times in January

Some complainers thought their streaks would be ruined when it became famous

 but there are still plenty who play and have even grown to love this interactive fun way of exercising creativity through language!

Integrating the game into Crossword seems like a good idea to keep it in front of interested players

although some say that eventually Wordle or some features could end up paywalled

So far both mobile apps and desktop website are available for free with no Subscription needed!