You Could Be Eligible for up to $25,000 From Capital One

in 2019, Capital One was hacked and the hackers stole sensitive information from millions of customers

 This is a huge wake-up call for all Americans as we're susceptible not just to identity theft but also financial losses

due our personal data being exposed in these attacks

On July 19, 2019 Capital One discovered that hackers had accessed personal information and data from customers 

 The FBI apprehended those responsible but not before 140 thousand Social Security numbers were stolen as well 80K bank account numbers!

We regret to inform you that due the recent data breach, all 98 million people who were affected are eligible for settlement money

 You should have received an email if your information was compromised in this incident!

The eligible victims of this terrible crime can receive up to $25,000 in cash reimbursement

 You will also be able claim any unreimbursed fraud charges or false transactions that arise due the data breach

and money spent trying combat issues associated with it