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What is Jio Giga Fiber

Jio Giga Fiber is reliance’s fixed-line broadband service based on FTTH (Fiber to the home) which will provide internet services at speed up to 1GBPS. Jio fiber router login provides Wi-Fi connection, landline, and a set-top box with the connection registered with the jio and you can do jio fiber login for your queries and all data details.

Its registration started a long ago and many customers are using these services. You can register for this either through the Myjio app or jio’s official website and do jio fiber login.

You can get information about jio Giga fiber through jio’s WhatsApp number 7000870008.

Apart from the wifi router, jio is providing a Jio 4k set top box which can be connected to tv through a HDMI cable.

Jio is providing over 600 channels with the connection and subscription to many entertainment apps.

Jio giga fiber has the potential to change the internet services in India. Jio giga fiber can be used on multiple devices with a speed up to 1 GBPS.

The jio giga fiber can be used with jio’s giga tv with accessories such as free HD voice, tv video calling, home networking, security and surveillance, and gaming.

Jio fiber-free one month internet

How to do Jio fiber router Login

Like every other router, jio fiber router also has an jio fiber IP address that can be used to access your account and change details accordingly.

Jio fiber router Login details

Jio fiber IP Address                                           

Jio Router Username                                                      admin

Jio Router Password                                                       Jiocentrum

Note- The first letter of password is ‘J’ in capitals.

How to change jio fiber password/ SSID

Step 1.  Open your PC/laptop and make sure that it is connected to the jio Giga fiber.

Step 2.  Open web browser and open above-mentioned IP address (

Jio Fiber Router Login

Step 3.  Jio Centrum Home Getaway page will open. Type in Username and Fiber Router Login

Step 4.  On the left side menu, you will see the status, network, security, administration, and advancedjio Fiber Router Login.

Step 5.  Click on the network than the wireless on the left side menu.

Step 6.  Now choose the profile tab section and right-click on the SSID or Wi-Fi name you want to Fiber Router Login

Step 7.  Click “ok” to ignore the warning i.e.” Existing wireless clients will be disturbed if any modifications are done to profiles”jio Fiber Router Login

Step 8.  Now change the Wi-Fi name or password and save the changesinjiofiberrouter loginjio Fiber Router Login


How to change jio fiber password with mobile phone

To change jio fiber Giga router password with mobile or myjio app you need to do the following actions:-

  1. login to your myjio app from your mobile and go to jio fiber account
  2. Now click on settings on the left corner
  3. Now select device settings
  4. Click on advanced settings then go to jio fiber router section
  5. click on SSID wifi name to change details and enter new details there
  6. Now your details are updated

Default Configured router Jio Giga Fiber login details


  • Default IP:
  • User name: admin
  • Default password: Jiocentrum

how to manage Jio fiber router from mobile

  1. you can use the Myjio app or Self-care section on for the change
  2. Log in with your personal jio fiber ID
  3. Click on settings, the device settings,
  4. Tap on “Block” to block the device or “Allow” to allow a device from the list of devices


Why change Jio fiber router details

Securing your device and wifi connection is mandatory for everyone to prevent yourself from being hacked or issue leaking personal details by hackers or other person and all these things will lead you to serious problems.

Therefore always change your default password and login details at the time of installation only.

Even keep changing your jio fiber router details after every month to protect yourself.


Jio fiber router price in India 2021

Jio provides the jio fiber router with the connection. There will be a one-time payment of INR2500/- single-band router and INR4500/- for double-band router. All the customers will get free access to the jio’s applications such as Jio Tv, Jio Music, Jio Games, etc.

Jio provides at-home service for the installation of the router and the connection.

You can register for the connection through My Jio App or through After you have registered for a connection, the jio representative will visit you at home for the installation.

The representative will install jio fiber, Landline and the set-top box, customers do not have to visit the store.

How to Hard Reset If you forget your Admin Password

If you have forgotten your admin login password for Jio Fiber routers, then there is no need to worry. All that needs done now in order get back on track with a hard reset of the device! This will delete all data stored on it and set default details/identity (Username & Passwords).

  • First, take your Jio fibre router and look at the backside of the device.
  • There you can see the reset hole mentioned.
  • In some cases, they didn’t mention that so you need to find the hole around the power supply like the below image.
  • Now take any sharp edge pin and press it in the hole and hold for 10 sec.
  • That’s it you have done the hard reset of your Jio Giga fiber router. Now use the above default username and password to log in to your Jio fiber.



Jio Fiber Recharge Plans.

With the launch of the jio fiber, jio launched numerous plans for the customer. They vary from bronze to titanium and from short-term to long terms plans. Each plan comes with different prices, speeds, and FUP limits.

The consumer can choose the plan according to their needs. Jio offers plans according to everyone’s needs. 3

Jio has also launched a welcome offer for the new customer

Jio provides a wide range of plans for the customers and you can choose according to your usage. With each annual plan, the company offers a welcome offer for the consumers  You can choose to pay for plans in one payment or through EMI.

Jio has made out a plan for the people who want to pay for the plans through EMIs.

The plans start from INR 699/- per month to INR 8499/- per month.

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Why should change Jio Giga Fiber password?

Company set password is well known to hackers and it is the basic type of password provided by jio at the time of installation.

Therefore, to prevent yourself from hackers and people who can misuse your jio fiber IP address and WiFi you should immediately change your password after installation.

And the password must be changed every month so that you will remain secure with the internet.


How to check how many devices are connected to the Jio fiber router?


All connected devices can be viewed by login to My Jio > Settings > My Device

Note: Whenever a new device connects to your Jio fiber net you will receive an SMS on your Registered Mobile Number informing the same.

How to hide JioFiber Router WiFi ID (SSID / WiFi User name) from being visible to others?


To enable this feature, login to My Jio App > Settings > My Device > Advanced setting> Select the WiFi Id (SSID) to Hide/ Unhide. Click for a video on how to manage your JioFiber Router.
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